Not Getting The Results You Want At The Gym

You’ve been working hard at the gym and dieting and the results are still not showing. But don’t worry; Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical has the solution for you.

Even though you’ve been working out at the gym, your muffin top still shows and you feel really frustrated about it. The problem is, some of us just have genetics that make the fat go there and the only way to remove that way is with liposuction or other technologies.

Liposuction is a great procedure for love handles and flattening the belly, but another great thing is that you can take that fat and enhance the areas that you can’t reach in the gym. You can directly enhance the breasts and the buttocks. That’s a really great thing because you’re utilizing your own resources and just moving them around where you prefer to have them. That’s the great thing about it – it’s completely natural!

There are many women who have unwanted fat on the inside of their thighs and on the sides. It becomes a real problem. Liposuction works well on that areas as well, it can make a significant difference. It is also possible to take that fat and transfer it on the buttocks and make them full and shapely which is a more attractive look.

Nowadays, liposuction is done under local anesthesia and it usually takes just an hour or two in the office. People go home the same day and most people are back to work in a day or two. As far as the fat transfer goes, the 50% – 70% of fat can survive long term using modern techniques.

There are also some new devices that enhance the survival of the fat and stem cells can be collected from the fat that is harvested and enhance the number of stem cells that are transferred, and that further increases the survival of the fat.

There is a special offer from Innovations Medical that lasts until the end of January which takes $500 off of your liposuction and an additional $500 when you do fat transfer.

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