New Beginnings Makeover Winner Karen Halicke

One of the New Beginnings Makeover 2014 Winner, Karen Halicke, is at Innovations Medical today to discuss her makeover procedures she had received so far.

Two of Karen’s problem areas are her abdomen and buttocks. She was thinking in the past that she needed abdominoplasty for her abdomen. However, Dr. Bill Johnson and the team recommended that she would benefit the most from the true 2-in-1 procedure, the Fat Transfer. Not only will it address the excess fat in her abdomen by liposuction, but also doing fat transfer will help her achieve the volume that she wants in her buttocks. Moreover, this 2-in-1 procedure is less invasive, less expensive, and has less downtime compared to abdominoplasty. As a matter of fact, after only a few days of recovery, Karen is already enjoying the benefits of the liposuction and fat transfer and is already back to her usual day-to-day activities.

Another of Karen’s problem areas is completely unavoidable as one ages. Karen, 47, wants something to address the sagginess, wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet she has in her face. It is a given fact that as a person ages, decreased collagen production and volume loss happen in one’s face. And Karen, like all of us, is no exception from that. So, today, Karen is scheduled to undergo Thermage and SmartXide DOT for her face to reverse some aging and bring back glow and youthfulness in her skin.

The procedure, Thermage, will stimulate the collagen production to bring some tightness back to the skin. SmartXide DOT, on the other hand, will help reverse the fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet by resurfacing the superficial aspect of the skin. All of these procedures are noninvasive and have only a minimal downtime, so Karen will see and appreciate the amazing result just only a few days after the procedure.

Amy Vanderoef and the rest of Good Morning, Texas team will continue to follow Karen Halicke’s progress over the next few months. Pictures of before, during, and after the procedures will be shown to show how successful Karen’s makeovers at Innovations Medical will be. So, stay tuned here at Innovations Medical.

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