Natural Breast Augmentation Boast Beautiful Busts: Using Fat Transfer to Enhance Breasts

Life happens and our bodies change. For women, whether it’s a result of pregnancy and childbirth, weight loss or aging, breasts can change and take on a less full appearance. Or, perhaps you’ve never quite had the breast size we always wanted. These are only a few of the reasons some women feel the need to make improvements their breasts. While a traditional breast augmentation uses breast implants, at Innovations Medical, Dr. Bill Johnson performs what’s called a natural breast augmentation, or a fat transfer for breast augmentation, utilizing fat from the patient to enhance the breasts.

It sounds too good to be true. Believe it or not, however, it IS possible to repurpose some of your unwanted fat! Natural breast augmentation is one way to do that. Unwanted fat is identified and extracted from particular parts in the body, processed to remove fluids and then reinjected into the breasts. Here are a few benefits of a natural breast augmentation:

Minimally Invasive
A breast implant surgery requires general anesthesia. In our minimally invasive procedure all of the known risks associated with anesthesia do not come into play. Opting for a natural breast augmentation allows the patient to undergo the procedure in our office during an awake liposuction, known as tumescent liposuction. Using a local anesthetic and mild sedation, the patient remains awake for the whole procedure. Additionally, patients experience a substantially quicker recovery time in comparison to a traditional breast augmentation.

All-natural alternative
This procedure is the most natural alternative to implants. With the natural breast augmentation, a patient receives similar augmentation benefits without a synthetic or foreign object implanted into their body. The fat used to create fuller breasts comes directly from the patient themselves.

More natural look and feel
While breast implants tend to possess a very round appearance and are firm to the touch, the use of fat for breast augmentations creates the opposite effect. Breasts have a natural shape and don’t feel overly firm. With a natural breast augmentation performed by Dr. Johnson, patients achieve a substantially more realistic look after surgery, more like the look they desire in consultation.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to undergo a breast augmentation, it’s a good first step to begin the conversation with Dr. Bill Johnson’s about his natural approach to the procedure. There’s a good chance it offers you with the best, most realistic-looking results you desire. Give us a call at 214-643-8665 today to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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