A Natural Alternative for Breast Augmentation

nature-womanAre you considering breast augmentation? You may be researching implants – but did you know that they’re not your only option? Many patients are choosing to undergo fat transfer breast augmentation in lieu of implant surgery. Dr. Johnson performs many fat transfer breast augmentations at Innovations Medical and loves to explain when a fat transfer is a better option than implants for some patients looking to change their breasts. He tackles this very topic in this blog.

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as natural breast augmentation, is a great option for patients who are simply looking to regain lost volume and firmness. Breast volume, firmness, and shape change greatly after a significant weight loss or after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Fat transfer breast augmentation allows patients to achieve the look they want, without the some of the significant downtime and risks of complications of breast implant or lift surgery. As with all of our procedures, patients are awake throughout and numbed via tumescent fluid.

Natural breast augmentation is also a great option for a patient looking to gain a little in size. Results of fat transfer look very natural in comparison to most breast implants, and have a normal feel or texture. This is because the breasts are already made up of mostly fat. Breast implant texture may vary, as implants have the potential to harden. As natural breast augmentation uses fat from the patient’s own body, there is no chance of reaction, rejection or encapsulation, a condition in which the body forms a barrier around a foreign object implanted under the skin.

The shape of breasts augmented through natural fat transfer is very natural, whereas the shape of breasts changed with implants is dictated by the implant. However, the final shape of the breast is more consistent with implants. Some breast implant surgery leads to rippling that may appear through the skin, and may lack the drape of breasts augmented through fat transfer. The drape of the breast is how the breasts hang naturally on the frame, and drape that looks unnatural may cause patients to feel self-conscious.

Naturally augmented breasts may sag over time as breasts do, while implants do not sag. Patients who are considering undergoing natural breast augmentation should also be aware that weight fluctuations after the procedure impact the size of the breasts. For example, weight gain would possibly increase the breast size, while weight loss could decrease the breast size in some patients. This is in contrast to augmentation performed with implants, in which the breast size is not seriously impacted by weight changes.

Another consideration to make is one of maintenance. It is recommended that both silicone gel and saline implants are replaced every ten to fifteen years for both health and aesthetic reasons. If you want to avoid surgery for removal, natural breast augmentation may be the best solution for you.

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