Mommy Makeover Face Fat Transfer Results

In this video, Dr. Johnson showcases the progress of 47 year old New Beginnings Makeover Winner, Karen Halicke. Karen won a 1 year makeover journey with Innovations Medical and her before and after pictures demonstrate how effective the treatments have been. Karen came to the studio to physically show the amazing transformations in her body.

On her face, Thermage and SmartXide Dot was performed. Thermage is a non-surgical procedure that tightens the collagen in your skin. The process also fuels your body to produce new collagen, which continues to give you results over the next few months. There is no downtime and this can also be performed on your abdomen, arms or legs.

The SmartXide Dot treatment, on the other hand, is a fractionated carbon dioxide laser. The light is targeted on a specific surface of the skin to promote collagen production as well. The healing process is fast and you’ll have a softer and younger-looking skin in no time.

Liposuction was also performed on her tummy and thighs. The fat harvested was processed and transferred to the face and buttocks. What’s noticeable as well is the smoother and thinner looking legs after the Thermage treatment. And although Karen is at a low point in her recovery, more wonderful improvements will be visible in the next few months. The fat cells that were injected into her body are on a settling stage and have shrunk. They will plump back in the next 3 to 4 months and she will start filling up. This progress will make her appear a lot younger.

When asked what her biggest complaint was regarding her body, Karen declares that it was her flat front and buttocks. She wanted to have a curvier body. And with all the treatments she has undergone, she’s feeling really good and is ecstatic about the swimsuit season. Her family and friends can hardly believe it and she has even received a compliment about her fuller buttocks from a coworker.

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