Meet the Innovations Medical 2014 New Beginnings Makeover winners!

A brand new year, a brand new you. A lot of people dream about having a transformation. However, only two people will have this transformation or a makeover be done for free, courtesy of Innovations Medical.

In this episode of Good Morning, Texas, Dr. Bill Johnson introduces the two lucky winners of the Innovations Medical New Beginnings Makeover. The winners are Karen and Melanie. These two women will begin to embark on an amazing journey that will last for a couple of months.

Choosing and deciding who the winners are is not simple as it sounds. Dr. Bill Johnson and his team need to consider several factors to enable them choose the appropriate winners to undergo the makeovers. First, Dr. Bill Johnson and team look for people who they think they can make a real difference to, and be able to do a good job on the winner’s problems. Second, Dr. Johnson and team select the winners who will be comfortable and willing to flaunt the problematic areas of their bodies on air. The winners must have full understanding of the importance of showing their progress on air from bad to good.

The makeovers that Karen will receive are liposuction on her abdomen, and, perhaps, on her thighs, as well as some procedures on her face to address the sun damage and the lost volume. Melanie, on the other hand, will get a tummy tuck, as well as a fat transfer to her breasts.

Biz Haddock, a previous New Beginnings Makeover, comes back to talk about a bit about her makeover journey. Biz, who is on her late 40’s, underwent facial fat transfer because of how skinny her face would become every time she loses weight. She also underwent liposuction in her abdomen and had the harvested fat transferred to her breast and buttocks where she wanted some volume. Biz added, “As we age, the volume shows up in places where we didn’t have it (before), and disappears in place that we did (have it). For me, it’s great to have a figure, (to) have a waistline, (and to) have the youthful parts of my body back that (are) fading away, and. at the same time, have the volume back in my face (because) it was starting to drop, fall, and sink in.”

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