Makeover Winner’s Reveal Results One Year Later

In this video, Dr. Johnson is joined by Karen, one of the winners of the Innovations Medical’s year-long makeover journey. Melanie, the other winner, was not able to make it but the pictures show a lot of improvement on her body as well. A mother of 4 children, Melanie got help with her baby belly and sagging breasts by liposuction-assisted tummy and breast fat transfer.

Karen, on the other hand, is looking happy and fab after the makeover. Dr. Johnson explained the procedures done on her and how it helped Karen get the look she wants. On her face and thighs, thermage was done to lift and tighten the loose tissues. Thermage uses radio frequency energy to tighten loose skin without the need for surgery.

Even better is that the benefits do not stop in the initial skin tightening. The damaged collagen during the procedure will be recognized by the body and it will result to 3 to 4 times more collagen. Aside from thermage, her face underwent Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser as well. It uses ultra-pulsed light energy to specifically remove thin layers of skin. This in turn erases the fine lines and wrinkles.

In terms of shaping up her body, liposuction procedures were performed on her abdomen and thighs. You’ll be glad to know that these procedure can now be done in the office under local anesthesia. It is stress-free and involves little downtime. The fat removed from her abdomen was used to shape up her buttocks. Her face also went through the fat transfer procedure using the fat from her thighs.

When asked how she feels, Karen says that she feels great and has a more positive outlook in life now. She adds that she does not look different, just a younger version of herself, which is what she wants to achieve. Dr. Johnson agrees and says that this should be the main reason why people should consider going through cosmetic procedures. If you look good, then you feel better about yourself. And if you want to look your best in the coming spring and summer, you should do the procedures now since it would take months for some of the full effects to show.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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