Makeover Results Reveal More Confident Women

Women who are more confident with how they look tend to be happier and have more positive outlooks in life. That’s exactly what New Beginnings Makeover winners, Karen and Melanie, felt after undergoing several procedures at Innovations Medical.

Last month, Dr. Johnson presented the life-changing process that Karen underwent. Karen, who underwent a facial fat transfer, looks like a younger version of herself. Thermage was performed to lift and tighten the loose tissues on her skin. In addition to that, CO2 resurfacing, which uses ultra pulsed light energy to specifically remove thin layers of skin, erased her wrinkles and fine lines. To shape her up, liposuction was done on her tummy, flanks, and inner thighs. The fat harvested was then transferred to her buttocks and face.

After recalling Karen’s transformative journey, Dr. Johnson presented Melanie, the other makeover winner. A mother to four children, Melanie looks happy and confident standing on the red carpet. Dr. J says she had thermage on her face, legs and thighs. Thermage is a procedure that uses radio frequency to tighten loose skin. For non-surgical tightening, this is a go-to process for a tighter and smoother skin. The benefits even continue after the initial skin tightening. Once the new collagen matures in a few months, there is further remodeling or tightening. There is also no downtime and you can go home after and have a normal evening.

The major procedure Melanie underwent though was the liposuction-assisted tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. She is a thin woman, but there was a lot of loose skin on her tummy after the four pregnancies. The procedure is done under tumescent anesthesia. Unlike the normal tummy tuck procedure where a considerable amount of fat still remains, this proved to significantly reduce the fat, as shown in the before and after pictures. It is a very safe procedure and you can go home the same day as well. The fat harvested was used to naturally shape her breasts.

When asked about how she felt after the makeover, Karen said she felt wonderful and it showed on her smiles. She obviously feels more confident and positive about herself. Thermage was one of her favorites, but said she loves the other procedures just the same. Everyone loves her transformation and is excited for her, she said. A lot of her friends have already shown interest in getting an Innovations Medical consultation.

Dr. Johnson pointed out that the tummy tuck made a lot of difference for Karen, because she couldn’t wear a lot of clothes before. The thermage on her legs enable her to wear shorts with more confidence and that’s really life-changing, Dr J added.

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