Tighten Arms, Chest, and Back Without Downtime

You can’t get more confident than the shirtless guys from the Right Said Fred duo in their “I’m Too Sexy” music video. A lot of men and women aren’t as confident though, because of their body issues. If your arms or love handles are stopping you from wearing sleeveless and sexy shirts, hope is not lost, even if you’re not keen on exercising those fats away. Innovations Medical offer procedures that take only an hour in the office and with no downtime.

Thermage Skin Tightening is a non-invasive treatment that safely heats your skin’s dermis and the web of collagen in the subcutaneous layer. This causes an immediate tightening of skin, followed by a long-term improvement as new collagen forms. The result is a smoother and tighter skin. About 80% of patients see immediate results. For the fat on the arms, however, SmartLipo is the perfect fat removal procedure. The laser produces heat that remodels the collagen in the skin. About 30 percent of the skin will shrink and the procedure lasts for about an hour.

Liposuction can also be done on the love handles, moobs (male boobs) and backs. The latter is an area that a lot of doctors are reluctant to do liposuction on, because it is very fibrous. However, with Innovations Medical, having a sexy back is possible.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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