When Should You Have Cosmetic Surgery?

In a recent radio interview, Dr. Bill Johnson discussed when young people should consider having cosmetic procedures performed and what you can do to avoid looking like someone else after having cosmetic work done.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

HOST: When should you have cosmetic surgery? How young is too young?

Dr. Johnson, good morning to you. How you doing?

DR. BILL: Good morning. How are you this morning?

HOST: All right, sir. Well, we’ve had all sorts of things about preventative Botox and the end roads that you folks are making in cosmetic surgery and what’s being done, but how young is too young for cosmetic treatments?

DR. BILL: Well, you have to make a distinction about true cosmetic. If you had a 16-year-old with one breast that’s a DD and one breast that’s a B, that’s technically cosmetic surgery but really borders on being corrective, and you might do something like that at a younger age.

But, for most of us, unless you are 18 to 20 years old, you really don’t have an adult body or an adult face. If you try and make changes before, really, about the early 20s, your background is going to change as that person matures because they’re going to finally get adult facial features and adult body features so your changes might not be correct if you make them on a child. You may have made the wrong change when they’re an adult.

HOST: Cosmetic surgeon and Innovations Medical technology, Dr. Bill Johnson with us.

Dr. Johnson, of course, the “big story” that we’ve heard just recently, Renee Zellweger, the latest casualty of internet fire storm over her looks. She’s 45 and she no longer resembles her sort of original self shall we say. A lot of people are saying, “And who is that now?”

DR. BILL: Right. Well, that’s common with some facial cosmetic surgery because sometimes the goal is to change the look and sometimes the goal is just to make folks look younger and sometimes, in the attempt to make folks look younger when you tuck here or pull tighter there, you’ll change a facial feature enough that the person no longer looks like themselves and it’s as the term – it’s called the third person phenomenon – it doesn’t look like a young version of that person, it doesn’t look like an older version of that person, it looks like someone else – a third person.

HOST: Yeah.

We’re talking to cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bill Johnson, Fox News contributor.

Dr. Johnson, as far as the Botox treatments go, how is that different from standard surgery-type thing?

DR. BILL: Well, Botox is widely misunderstood because Botox does one simple thing – it weakens the strength of certain muscles. Whether you use it on the face for cosmetic reasons or you use it on tightening muscles on children for disorders like Torticollis where one neck muscle will tighten real tight, Botox weakens muscles. So, if you talk about our frown lines between our eyebrows is a very common place for Botox, it will weaken that frown line and can both decrease and prevent a wrinkle there and creases there if used over a long period of time. That’s all Botox does. So, when folks look puffy or have had big lips or have big cheeks, all of those things are not Botox – those things are fillers or implants that put volume in place or make people’s face look plastic. So, in order to kind of hide what they’ve done a lot or because people don’t understand, Botox gets blamed for a lot of things it just doesn’t do. And all Botox does is weaken muscles and decrease wrinkles.

HOST: Got you.

All right, Dr. Johnson, thank you for what you do. Dr. Bill Johnson is a cosmetic surgeon and because a lot of times is a Fox New contributor, Dr. Johnson, I think that we appreciate everything that you guys do as far as healing people after accidents where, you know, a face might be partially destroyed and you guys can put it back together remarkably well these days.

DR. BILL: Well, thank you. It’s an honor to be able to help.

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