How to Get Six Pack Abs – What Gyms Don’t Want You to Know

After the holidays, you see a lot of people hitting the gym to exercise away all the extra calories they have consumed. Sure, you can shed a few pounds, but it takes a lot of perseverance and sacrifice. Plus, it wouldn’t fix all your problem areas. In this video, Dr. Johnson explains the various go-to procedures that Innovation Medical offers in order to speed up that sexy or 6-pack body you want.

Quinn, a frequent gym attendee shares that he still has problems shaping up his abdominal area. He also has challenges getting rid of man boobs and love handles. Dr. Johnson adds that for most men like Quinn, the problem areas lie on the waist, abdomen and breasts. As for the women, their problem areas are on the waists and thighs. All of these can be addressed by liposuction. The procedures is performed in a sterile office environment under local anesthesia and treatment lasts for about an hour. For guys who want 6-pack, this is achievable through body sculpting.

If you’re feeling queasy about surgery, there are options available at Innovations Medical as well. One is Liposonix, which uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to destroy fat cells and permanently remove them. During the procedure, the ultrasound energy is focused on a single point, 1 to 2 cm below the surface of the skin. This is applicable if you’re looking to reduce about 1 to 2 inch of fat. As soon as the fat cells are destroyed, it is reabsorbed by the body and goes to the liver to be treated like any fat you eat. You’ll have a trimmed tummy or thigh in no time.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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