Get your body pool party ready! It’s not too late to look great in 2014

Being in a swimsuit can be a challenge for many, because it doesn’t allow you to hide anything. The arms, stomach, legs, breasts, buttocks and thighs are the most common problem areas for a lot of people. Women after pregnancy or weight loss are usually the ones having these issues. These can be addressed by either shaping up or filling out those problem areas.

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson explains some of the available options and a talks about their benefits.

2 Popular Approaches:

1. Shaping Up
Shaping up involves the application of procedures like Thermage or Liposuction which tighten or remove material from problem areas.

Tightening by Thermage addresses areas like stomach and knees

Benefits include:

  • No down time
  • Treatment would last about an hour only
  • Results are immediate for minor sagging like the stomach areas
  • For major issues like wrinkled skin on knees, results can be seen in about 6 months only

Liposuction addresses areas like stomach, thighs, arms

Benefits include:

  • Can be done in a sterile office environment under local anesthesia
  • Treatment would last about an hour only
  • Low risk
  • You can go home the same day
  • Little recovery time

2. Filling out

It’s also possible to fill out certain problem areas by using fat transfer to move fat from one area of the body to someplace more desirable. Fat transfer removes fat from an area of the body that has unwanted fat and transfer it to an area that needs shaping up. For example, taking out fat from an abdomen and transfer it to flat and shapeless buttocks

Benefits include:

  • Can be done in the office under local anesthesia
  • Patients can go home the same day
  • Saves on the recovery time and cost

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