Get into summer shape! Dr Bill Johnson explains the best liposuction tools.

Getting that fit shape in time for the swimsuit season requires hard work for some. It means months of dieting and working out in the gym. With the latest liposuction techniques, that coveted body shape will be possible through liposuction in just an hour or two. In his video, Dr. Bill Johnson gives details on the different liposuction tools used at Innovations Medical and how they are beneficial.

Tumescent Liposuction

This fat removal procedure decreases the risk for infection, swelling and bruising. It also has a quicker recovery time than traditional liposuction. A cannula is used to make tiny incisions of about a quarter inch into the skin. A numbing or tumescent liquid is then pumped between the cells to numb the area and safely remove the fat.

Vibration-Assisted Liposuction

In this procedure, a blunt-tip hollow tube cannula is attached to a power-assisted tool to suction the fat out. This vibration-assisted tool is called Tickle Lipo, because it moves around to break and evacuate the fat quickly. This in turn results to less bruising and damage to the connecting tissue. Compared to other tools that have issues with rippling or contour irregularity, this one diminishes rippling. Patients also have quicker recovery time.

Smart Lipo

For skin tightening issues, this is a go-to procedure you should consider. As soon as the fat is melted, the heat produced from the laser tightens or remodels the collagen in the skin. Before and after pictures shown demonstrates how effective the procedure is. An image of a male abdomen confirms that trimmed love handles and a sculpted 6-pack is possible.

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