How to firm your buttocks

Say goodbye to a sagging butt

Don’t we all! A sagging butt isn’t funny. There is actually a very simple procedure which we call the Brazilian Thread Lift. It’s a two step surgery that is done while you are awake. We actually only locally numb the area, so you can drive yourself. We’ve had patients come in on their lunch break!

How to firm your buttocks. The first visit consists of implanting the threads into the buttocks. We use threads designed to attach to the fat in the buttocks. Once we implant the threads, we wait 3 months for a solid fibrosis to occur. This is very important to ensure that the threads make a solid bond so that the lift will be long lasting. 3 Months after your first visit, you’ll come back for the lift part. We will anchor the threads into place, and lift your buttocks. Expect a bit of soreness after both visits.

Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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