How do I know which cellulite treatment I need?

To know which procedure is right for you, first you need to find out if you have true cellulite, or just loose skin. An easy test you can do at home is our thigh lift test. Pull up on your skin and see if the dimples go away. If they do, then you should look into doing a skin tightening procedure like Thermage Skin Tightening. If the dimples are still there, then you have true cellulite. True cellulite is not caused by fat, but instead caused by collagen fibers that have hardened down. There are a couple of options available to help break up and re-grow new collagen. Acoustic Wave Therapy is a multi treatment option that is done twice a week for 6 weeks. The other newer option is called Smartlipo Laser Cellulite Reduction. It uses our Smartlipo laser right beneath the skin’s surface to heat up and break down the collagen that is causing cellulite. New collagen is formed, and the skin becomes tighter.

Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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