Dr. J Off Air – Butt Fat Transfer (The only video you need to watch before doing the surgery)

Everybody wants a shapelier derriere like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Sure, you can try to exercise or diet your way to the body shape of your dreams. But in some cases it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you just can’t change those problem areas. There have been various procedures over the years that address this matter like butt implants, but people who have tried this say that they have never lost the sensation of sitting on a pillow.

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson explains the revolutionary Butt Fat Transfer procedure and the techniques he employs to get aesthetically pleasing results.

The Butt Fat Transfer procedure promises to make you feel and look normal. This is a safe and effective procedure that can be done in the office under local anesthesia. One good thing about this method is that fat can be taken from anywhere on your body. You’re not only making your buttocks shapelier, but removing unwanted fat from other body parts as well.

How to increase the size of the buttocks?

Dr. J. demonstrates how the procedure works. Liquid in a glass container representing fat was drawn up in syringes and injected into the rubber ball, which represents the buttocks. The process involves injecting mini individual passes of 1 to 2 cc’s each of fat and not doing it all at once. This is to ensure that the fat introduced survives in the body once it is injected. This technique is backed up by acclaimed researches.

What parts of the body are the fats taken from?

Fat can be taken from anywhere on the body. The common areas that are harvested from are the arms, thighs and waist. When shaping the buttocks, a good area to harvest from is the excess fat on the side of the waistline or the love handles. This is beneficial, because when the waist is given shape, it compliments how the buttocks look from any angle. In other words, it enhances the results.

Your buttocks shape and how it can be enhanced

Almost all butts can benefit from added volume. However, what dictates the final shape is not on the volume of fat injected, but rather on how it was administered.

Common Shape

This shape is generally very flat on the bottom. The technique is just to make it rounder to get the ideal shape of the buttocks.

Small-sized Shape

This shape is one of the easier ones to deal with. The solution to make it an ideal shape is to make the buttocks larger. The only issue at hand is on how much the skin will expand. The skin expansion is going to dictate how big the buttocks can get. For instances when the buttocks are really small and the client wants a much larger size, two procedures can be done. The first procedure will tackle the expansion of the skin and the second one will eventually be Butt Fat Transfer.

Cliff Shape

This one’s real prominent on top and flat on the bottom. Two procedures need to be done as well. First procedure is the liposuction to lessen the cliff at the top and Butt Fat Transfer next to get the round shape on the bottom area.

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