Pillow Talk! Dr Bill Johnson Explains Ways to Treat Cellulite

In this episode of Good Morning Texas, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical demonstrates to the viewers what cellulite is and the latest cellulite treatment options available at Innovations Medical.

Normally, the skin should be smooth and silky like a pillow. However, there are some people, especially women in their 30’s and 40’s or those who had a couple of kids, who develop a mattress-like or an orange peel appearance in their buttocks and/or thighs. This is what is known as cellulite.

Cellulite usually appears as dimples and bulges that may be shiny and firm. Such cellulite is termed as classic cellulite. The bulging occurs because of the subcutaneous fat erupting up into the dermis, the lowermost layer of the skin. Moreover, the formation of contracted pillars of connective tissue in between the fat leads to the dimpling of the skin.

Smooth Shapes is the first treatment of choice for people who have dimple and bulging cellulites. It uses massage and special lasers to stimulate the collagen production, remove the fat erupting, and soften the contracted pillars. Smooth Shapes is very effective, and for most of the time, it is the only treatment people with classic cellulite will ever need. It is also relatively inexpensive, easy to perform, and has no downtime.

However, there are some people who need additional treatment after Smooth Shapes. Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is the next best option for patients with persistent cellulite. This procedure is more intense as it uses shockwaves that feels like a hard massage, to address the erupting subcutaneous fat and contracted connective tissue pillars.

Another type of cellulite, the linear cellulite, appears as wrinkles or waves in the loose skin. Thermage is the recommended initial treatment for people with this cellulite. It is a skin tightening procedure that improves both the loose skin and the linear cellulite.

An important thing to remember though is that there is not one treatment that is effective for everybody. It is for this reason that people who wish to have cellulite treatment should have a consult and assessment first to determine the best treatment approach for their cellulite.

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