Collagen Skin Tightening Without Surgery

Summer is definitely one of the warmest seasons of the year. As the weather heats up, so will the wardrobe, right? From shorts and sleeveless shirts, down to swimsuits, you can expect a lot of skin baring outfits to hit the shelves.

As much as some of us would like to follow this trend, wrinkling and sagging skin steals our confidence. As we age and gain weight, this condition is unexpected and unwanted. However, a new technology known as “collagen remodeling” makes this problem a thing of the past. Dr. Johnson talks about this exciting treatment in this video.

Using magnetic toys to represent the collagen, which is the supporting protein in our skin, Dr. Johnson explains that collagen is dense, firm, and tight when we’re young. It’s able to take a lot of resistance and can spring right back if you stretch it. However, due to aging and weight gain, the collagen becomes less and less organized. It loses its density, becomes floppy, and stretches out. This is where the wrinkling, sagging and cellulite starts.

With collagen remodeling, floppy collagen is subjected to a controlled heating to make it shrink. The shrinking causes the collagen to become more compact. After the treatment, some skin tightening is immediately visible, but what makes this technology very interesting is the body’s response to the treatment. The heat applied causes the body to produce more collagen so in the course of six to twelve months; the new collagen will become more organized. It will also mimic the original structure of the collagen you have originally in your body. Before and after pictures of patients who have undergone the procedure clearly shows very positive change.

Collagen Remodeling Tools
Here are some effective procedures offered by Innovations Medical.

Thermage is the non-surgical tightening of loose skin. It uses radio frequency energy to create heat in the deeper part of the tissue. The damage done to the collagen is controlled and causes it to shrink in real time. The end result is smoother and tighter skin. Based on studies, the body produces three to four times more collagen during the process, which will mature and give you further tightening after a few months. There’s no need to miss work, because there’s no downtime if you get this procedure. It can also be done on any part of the body like abdomen, legs, knees and arms.

Smart Lipo
This is a tool used for liposuction that produces heat from a laser to tighten the collagen in the skin. It liquefies the fat on contact and is excellent for contouring the shape of your body the way you want.

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