Cellulite Solutions – The Procedures To Buy & The Ones That Waste Money

If you’re tired of hiding your body behind long clothes, even on the beach, because of cellulite, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help you. There are superb cellulite removing and smoothening procedures that work great and will help you look amazing in that swimsuit.

If you have small amounts of cellulite, radio frequency skin tightening is a perfect procedure for you! There are two great devices used – Legend and Thermage. Best thing about radio frequency is that it is not invasive at all and there is absolutely no downtime – you can do a procedure on your lunch break! 88% of patients respond very well with Legend and Thermage.

If you have a bigger problem with cellulite and radio frequency just isn’t enough for you, there is a great procedure called Smooth Shapes which is a combination of a very gentle massage and special lasers. The great thing is that 70% – 80% of patients respond to this treatment and it is recommended to repeat it 6 – 8 times. So if you don’t respond to radio frequency, Smooth Shapes is a perfect choice for you. On top of everything, it is very cheap and comfortable.

The next step is Acoustic Wave Therapy which is a completely different type of technology. It uses thousands of little micro-impacts that break up the cellulite and 60% to 80% of patients respond to it. If you still need to go for something more, there are special treatments and liposuction techniques that are done under local anesthesia and you only need a couple of days off. If you have a problem with really bad dimples, fat transfer can also help with that.

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