Cellulite Reduction Treatments That Actually Work

Do you like how your legs look? Are you concerned with cellulite, skin tightening or saddle bags? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical can help you get your legs in perfect shape for summer.

Cellulite is a big problem for a lot of women, but luckily, cellulite treatment has advanced in the last decade. You can get rid of milder cellulite with a single treatment using Thermage and get great results. Thermage works particularly well on the front of the legs and cellulite is removed with only one treatment. Another great treatment is tri-polar radio frequency and 80% of patients respond to it according to a recent study. It can be done in several treatments and it gives great results. The treatment is also very comfortable and relaxing.

Some women have tough cellulite and you can see that if you are lying down and still seeing cellulite. In that case, the best results come from combining the treatments. You can combine Smooth shapes and Legend treatment and it really affects the cellulite. With tough cellulite, special liposuction techniques are sometimes required or even fat transfer. If you have severe cellulite, it is really important to plan a whole strategy on what treatments to use.

If you don’t have cellulite, but you do have that crapy-looking skin, radio frequency techniques make a huge difference. In the past, Thermage was the best treatment for that, but Legend treatment is probably going to end up far more superior in the future. So you have a choice of doing a treatment once and having a good result or doing a treatment multiple times and having a great result.

If you don’t like the shape of your body, liposuction is a great choice because not only do you remove the unwanted fat, but the sagging of the skin is also removed so you have a great body shape. You can make a big difference on the thighs and avoid looseness with these new techniques.

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