Numbers Don’t Lie: Liposuction Second in Top Cosmetic Procedures in 2017

New numbers from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that, once again, liposuction was one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures of 2017. The body-sculpting procedure retained its No. 2 position with 246,354 procedures, an increase of 5 percent over 2016. So, why is liposuction so popular? Find out in this blog.

1. Liposuction […]

Seeking Sexy Legs?

Do you dream of shapely legs? You are not alone. Men and women in gyms across the country climb endless flights of stairs, do countless lunges and leg-press hundreds of pounds in hopes of getting slim and sexy legs. While exercising can help to shape the legs and tone and build muscle, some people experience spots of stubborn fat that won’t […]

Most Popular Body Locations for Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic body sculpting procedures in the country, with over 200,000 procedures performed each year. Liposuction has become popular with many people because of its ability to remove stubborn fat and resculpt and reshape the body, especially after significant weight loss.

Liposuction is also popular because […]

Don’t Live with Stubborn Fat: Try Tumescent Liposuction

Model and actress Chrissy Teigen recently admitted to having liposuction. It wasn’t an extremely surprising announcement, as many celebrities cop to having plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. But where she had liposuction was surprising to many people.

She Got Lipo to Remove Fat from Where?

Teigen had liposuction to remove […]

Learn How Male Liposuction can Help you Show off your hard work

Male liposuction

What do you do if you’ve gone to the gym, eaten healthy and lost weight and still have stubborn loose skin? Or that last 5lbs that won’t seem to go away? There are several options available.

One such option is using SmartLipo to help contour your body’s […]

Amazing Liposuction Results On Arms & Abdomen

Innovations Medical Podcast

All of us have that problematic area where we just can’t get rid of the extra pounds. Dr. Bill Johnson is here to help and also show the results of Carrie’s liposuction. For Carrie, the areas she had problems with were her abdomen and arms which are common areas especially for Texans because they love to wear short sleeves in the […]

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