Breast Fat Transfer vs Breast Implants, Know Before You Go

Has the thought of major surgery along with recovery and downtime kept you from getting liposuction or breast augmentation? Well, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical explains how you can combine the two procedures without downtime and you can use your own fat to get the results.

Liposuction and breast augmentation are so popular. Why is that?

The real reason they’re so popular is they can make a real difference in the shape and look. This is a breast fat transfer. They can make a difference in your look and they can do it with real safety nowadays and really quite affordable.

Benefit Comparison

One of the advantages of breast augmentation with fat is you get a normal texture. You’re using fat which is what’s normally in the breast.

With implants, you can get some hardening so, on texture, we give the check over here to fat transfer. It’s got an advantage.

Predicting Volume

If we talk about another big issue which is volume, with fat transfer, the final volume can be a little hard to predict. Very highly predictable with implants, so that’s a big check mark to the implants. You really have a much better handle on what that final volume’s going to be with implants and that’s the real advantage to implants over fat.

Determining Shape

If we talk about shape, when we talk about shape, fat has no shape. We’re injecting the fat into the skin. So, the fat doesn’t have its own shape; it’s going to conform to the skin underneath. We can cheat a little bit and move the fat around and put it where we want. But implants have their own shape and so there’s the advantage there to implants again because they have their own shape, they have their own lift. So, that’s an advantage to implants.

Patient Reactions

If we want to talk about one really important one though, fat transfer has no reaction. It’s you so you don’t react to it – you don’t have any hardening or any changes down the road. Implants always form a capsule. Sometimes, the capsules can contract and most of the problems that you hear about from implants come from problems from the capsule. So, in this area, fat transfer has the advantage. It’s kind of the winner because it doesn’t have that post-op reaction. It doesn’t develop the capsule.

Putting it all together

One of the advantages of implants also is they stay the same size. Now, with fat transfer, when we put fat into your breast, if you gain some weight, your breasts are going to gain a little bit more weight, too. If you lose some weight, you’re going to lose some of that volume. So, a little more consistency with implants than with fat. And, of course, we’ve got a foreign body with implants. So, again, fat transfer kind of wins.

If we kind of put all this together, with fat transfer we’ve got very normal texture, we’ve got no reaction, no foreign body. With implants, you’ve got a very consistent volume and a more consistent shape – that’s the implants’ big advantage. No real change with body size. So, because this is what I do, we’re going to give a little advantage to the fat transfer.

So, you’re removing the fat from one area of your body where you do not want it and you’re putting it into the area where you need the volume. For around the same cost, you’re getting that added benefit. To some people, one of these can be really important – some people really don’t want that capsule, some people really don’t like the idea of having a foreign body.

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