Brazilian Butt – Why It’s Better

woman-beach-backHere’s a fact that may surprise you – on average a Brazilian Butt lift is performed every 30 minutes in the United States. While Dr. Johnson doesn’t do buttock augmentation at that rate, Brazilian Butt Lifts are still a very popular procedure at Innovations Medical.

The Brazilian Butt Augmentation, popularly called the Brazilian Butt Lift, is a buttock augmentation that involves fat transfer. Fat is taken from another area of the patient’s body and is then transferred back to the body to lift and reshape the buttocks. The procedure takes the fat from an area in which fat is dense. The most common areas for liposuction for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure are the thighs, hips, or abdomen. Fat is collected using liposuction, refined to separate it from blood and other tissue, and is then injected into the buttocks. Some additional liposuction may be required to reach the desired shape.

The fact that this procedure uses your own fat gives it several advantages over other buttock augmentation procedures. The first advantage is that it is long lasting in comparison to augmentations that use silicone implants. Another advantage of using fat is that the results look more natural than implant surgeries. Implants can drop or sag over time, and some patients experience capsular contracture, a painful condition that causes tissue build up around the implant. Also, unlike implant surgery, the risk of scarring is very minimal and limited to the incisions made for liposuction in the areas where fat was harvested.Using your own fat for the procedure guarantees your body won’t reject it, causing sagging or other conditions.

Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is also much easier than implant surgeries. Implant surgery recovery requires a lot of down time to heal incisions and minimize infection. Implant patients must also minimize physical activity, and even be careful about sitting for months after surgery. Brazilian Butt Lift patients will experience some bruising and swelling in the harvest areas, and still, have to be careful about a few things, but recovery time is much faster. Most Brazilian Butt Lift patients manage their pain with over the counter medications. Most patients are back to work the next day, but are cautioned to limit exercise and avoid squats for a couple of weeks.

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