Avoid Black Market Butt Injections in Dallas Texas

The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are famous for their shapely backsides. This trend of having a shapely derriere is becoming more popular and a lot of women have dangerously turned to illegal black market injections. Instead of going to an authorized clinic or hospital to do the operation, some choose these so called “back room” butt injections, because of lower cost. This decision though will cause dire consequences, or worse, death.

In one case involving a woman who underwent a black market butt injection, the effect of going under these illegal procedures proved to be dreadful. In this video, she shows where she still has marks on her backside and mentioned that if not for her friends, she would have suffered worse.

In the same place where she got the illegal injections, a body of an abandoned 34-year old female was found two weeks ago. The cause of death is still being investigated, but if it was one of the patients, it is enough to let women everywhere know to never put their lives at risk by getting these illegal injections.

During the consultation, she was told that 4 sessions would be needed with each session priced at two thousand dollars. The whole amount was demanded upfront in cash. It raised a red flag she said, but she didn’t care and wanted to go through with the operation. The person who allegedly operated on her was called Dr. W or Wewe by the staff. She was given a pill to relax before the procedure and two of her friends came with her to witness the injections. Halfway through the process, her companions demanded Dr. W stop, because the woman was bleeding so much. Fortunately, she recovered from the terrible ordeal, but her sides are misshaped and there is a hard nodule on her flesh.

Dr. Bill Johnson is already helping her correct the misshapen backsides. This is not a shock for Dr. J though, because many women who have had these illegal injections have come in for consultations. He adds that women are definitely risking their lives if they go through black market butt enhancements. These injections he says, are made of industrial grade silicone that is sold in hardware stores. It is a growing problem that must be focused on by law enforcement.

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