What Are The Best Skin Tightening Procedures?

Spring flowers are in full bloom and we are beginning to look forward to summer fashions, but is your skin ready for that swimsuit or sleeveless shirt? In this video, Dr. Johnson explains why it is so hard for our skin to look good in summer fashions, especially when we are aging, or gaining and loosing weight.

According to Dr. J, the support structure of our skins is made up of proteins called collagen and elastin. When we are young, collagen is well organized and there’s a lot of it. So our skin is smooth and doesn’t sag. But as we age, the collagen gets longer, less organized, and there’s less of it. This causes our skin to sag, move around, and wrinkle.

Fortunately a process of collagen rejuvenation has been developed using radio frequency to apply energy to the collagen, which heats the collagen and causes it to shrink. This makes the collagen more compact, which provides immediate skin tightening results. Then over time the body adds in new collagen, which makes the collagen more organized.

Thermage in particular is the leading procedure to achieve desired skin tightening results. In the before and after images shown in the video, Dr. Johnson illustrates how significant skin tightening improvements can be seen when thermage is applied to under arms, stomachs, thighs, and knees and even face and eyes.

Summer is just around the corner. If you want to wear the popular summer fashions with confidence, give Dr. Johnson a call and enjoy your summer.

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