The Best Liposuction Device To Use

With recent innovations in liposuction and more people attesting to the safeness of this procedure, it has gained a lot of following. But what is really going inside your body during the fat removal process? In this video, Dr. Johnson explains the liposuction procedure at Innovations Medical.

During the suctioning of the fat, not all of it is removed from the area. They are kind of like “Swiss-cheesing it,” as Dr. J puts it. Small holes are done in the area to remove the fat, but the connecting tissues that support the fat is left behind. This is a good thing, because this is what makes the tissue and skin healthy.

Tumescent fluid (numbing fluid) is also used during the liposuction. Even if you’re going through general anesthesia, the fluid is still used. Not only does it make the area numb enough to easily suction out the fat, it also reduces the swelling, bruising and risk of infection. This makes the procedure less complicated and safer.

When asked about the best liposuction tools, Dr. Johnson says that the true key is not the tool, but the knowledge of the doctor using it. The objective is to get the fat in a smooth and consistent manner so you have a nice appearance once you’re done. A lot of tools can get you there, but tool familiarity is very important.

A blunt-tip hollow cannula attached to a power-assisted tool to suction the fat out is what’s used for vibration-assisted liposuction. It moves around to break and remove the fat quickly resulting in less bruising and damage to the connecting tissues. SmartLipo, on the other hand, is very effective in melting the fat and tightening the collagen in your skin at the same time.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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