The Best & Fastest Cosmetic Procedures

Do you want to give yourself a great holiday gift and make most of your free time? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medicals has some great ideas!

Holiday season is the best time for office based procedures because they are simple, done with local anesthesia and require very little downtime; one or two days off is enough! Another good reason to do these procedures during holiday season is that you see the final results after about six months, which is swimsuit season. That’s why now is the time to think about the summer.

For ladies, best 2-for-1 deal that you can get is liposuction and fat transfer. Fat from the places where you don’t want it, like your thighs or your love handles, can be transferred to your bottom to make it round and full or it can be transferred to your breasts. So if you have one or two days off work, these are the perfect procedures you can do without missing any work!

A lot of men have problems with enlarged breasts. Dr. Johnson suggests liposuction with SmartLipo, which is a great procedure for men. Another problem that men have are love handles.

You work out and spend a lot of time in the gym, but somehow you just can’t get rid of those love handles and get the six pack that you really want. Liposuction makes a huge difference and it’s definitely a go-to procedure.

If you can’t afford any downtime, there are some great procedures for skin tightening, like Thermage, which uses radio frequency. There is also a new device from Innovations Medical called Legend which requires only 20-30 minutes and no downtime or medication at all! You can do all of these procedures with your medical savings account as it comes up this time of year.

Dr. Johnson is giving you some great packages for you! First is the fitness package where you get three sessions with a personal trainer and a computerized exercise outfit that help you optimize your workout. In the entertainment package, you can choose between restaurants, Uber credit, flower delivery. Get these when you get two area liposuction.

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