Is Fat Transfer To Your Butt What You Really Need?

In this age of skimpy two-piece bikinis and supermodels, a lot of emphasis has been put on getting that perfect body. One of the most sought after body features by many women is that perfectly-shaped buttocks. That shape where they can strut in a bikini without feeling less confident about themselves.

Fortunately you don’t have to spend a lot of time with a harsh diet or aerobics exercises to get the results you want. In this video, Dr. Johnson explains the different buttock shapes and how they can be enhanced and shaped into that perfect form.

Dr. Johnson uses famous American actress, Coco Austin as an example of perfectly shaped buttocks to illustrate. The waist is narrow and the hips are wider, making the body look great. There’s also a protrusion in the back. Dr. J also says that the buttocks’ shape should be shaped and looked at from the back and from the side as well.

In a demonstration showing cut-out body models, one cut out showed an hour-glass waist. It shows that even if the buttocks hasn’t been shaped, enhancing the waist will make a lot of difference.

In terms of buttock shapes, there are three common shapes.

Flat Shape
The first is called the flat shape. This is the most common out of the three and is enhanced by adding fat to the buttocks. The fat is harvested from the love handles or from any area that the client wants to enhance.

Cliff Shape
The second shape is called a cliff shape. It has a prominent upper part and goes flat right on the bottom area. To make it shapelier, liposuction is performed on the high spots. The fat harvested is then filled in on the low spots to give it a round shape.

Sagging-look Shape
The sagging-look shape is the last shape. This specific shape makes a person look older than she is. Liposuction doesn’t work for cases like this. Instead a procedure called Thread Lift ( Suture Lift ) is used. It involves using threads to lift up the sagging fat to give the buttocks fuller appearance.

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