Dr J Off Air – Hands – Do Your Hands Make You Look Older Than You Are?

Are you planning a wedding? Maybe you’ve wanted to show off that engagement ring on social media, but don’t want your friends and family to see the age spots and veins in your hands? We’ll as Dr. Johnson recently explained, your happy day doesn’t have to include this worry. Learn how to make your hands look years younger. Here’s a full transcript of Dr. Johnson conversation with Good Morning Texas host, Amy Vanderoef.

Full Transcript

AMY: So, hands are a popular procedure that you do here. It’s another area of our body that sometimes we forget shows signs of aging before many other parts of your body.

DR. J: And a lot of folks feel like their hands really show their age more than any other area.

AMY: Especially when you’re fair-skinned and Irish, it’s even worse.

DR. J: Well, and most of us are bad about not putting sunblock on or thinking about our hands. So, our hands get exposed to the sun almost as much as our faces do.

AMY: Well, this is kind of trending on social media because social media is so much about letting people know how fabulous you are and how fantastic things are and you see – bam! – those engagement photos and, all of a sudden, your hands are on display. So, a trend that we’re seeing – and I’m sure you see in your office – is people want to get their hands done before the wedding.

DR. J: That’s right, and you want to see, and what we typically do, you see two different kinds of things being done on hands. One is to get rid of some of age spots and I have a few here. And we use things like the Fraxel for that. It does a really good job of cleaning those off but you need a little bit of lead time. If you really want to get those taken care of, you need about a month to six weeks minimum in order to get that done.

AMY: Okay.

DR. J: The other thing that’s really popular though is putting fillers in. Now, I have a real problem with veins that’s not too bad for a guy, but women don’t like it.

AMY: No.

DR. J: And so, you can put in a little Radiesse in particular is my favorite – you can also use Restylane – and smooth that out. That’s an office procedure that takes about as long as it takes us to talk about it. It’s very quick, very easy, very relatively inexpensive, and it’ll really fill in around those veins, smooth the hands and take years off the back of your hands.

AMY: And some people, it’s not age; it’s just sun damage or hereditary whatever. They could be in their twenties and still show signs of aging on their hands that doesn’t match their face and that doesn’t match their body.

DR. J: Or be born with the prominent veins.

AMY: Right.

DR. J: So, we really see a lot of those fillers used, even in young people, because they can go and make a big difference in how their hands look on close-up.

AMY: Okay. So, all those celebrities you see in People magazine showing off their rock, the Kim Kardashians and alike, they’ve probably had some work done to their hands so you have to come in for that consultation to kind of see what’s best.

I remember there was another procedure that you could do for surfacing of the skin.

DR. J: Well, the resurfacing we can do. If you just have the brown spots, we can do a procedure called photo facial or Intense Pulse Light and IPL works well. It’s not any faster, unfortunately, than the Fraxel.

AMY: Okay.

DR. J: We also, in older patients, can do a more aggressive type of laser called the SmartXide Dot or CO2 laser and the CO2 laser really can make a big difference on the back of the hands. It is a little more aggressive and that one will have, a week or two, you’re going to be red afterwards. You need to make sure you plan that in your plans.

AMY: Okay. So, it just depends on if you want it done for the engagement photos which happen right away or if you want it done for the wedding. Come in and see if you want to get those hands amazing before your big day.

DR. J: Easy to do!

AMY: Interesting topic. Thank you, Dr. J!

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