Amazing Liposuction Results On Arms & Abdomen

All of us have that problematic area where we just can’t get rid of the extra pounds. Dr. Bill Johnson is here to help and also show the results of Carrie’s liposuction. For Carrie, the areas she had problems with were her abdomen and arms which are common areas especially for Texans because they love to wear short sleeves in the summer.

For Carrie, liposuction was the best choice for her arms which always looked bigger to her. It’s important to use lasers like SmartLipo on arms because you get a lot more skin tightening with the laser. Carrie lost 2 inches on her arms in only one month which makes a big difference. But a lot of improvement is still to come because it will take a couple of months for skin tightening to occur.

Another great thing about this procedure is that you are under local anesthesia and you can get back to work almost right away. For Carrie, her abdominal area was her biggest problem after having three c-sections because she just could get rid of those extra pounds on that area.

The procedure was done on the upper abdominal area as well as the love handles so it changes not only how you look in a swimsuit but also how you clothes fit. Carrie lost 8 inches in 7 weeks in her waist so far which makes a huge difference.

The best thing is the final result won’t be seen until six months from now when the skin tightening happens. But even now, Carrie’s results are amazing, her clothes fit, her fat doesn’t roll when she sits and she finally has her pre-baby body.

Liposuction makes a huge difference, not only for women but for men as well who tend to have a few extra pounds on the abdominal area after their 40s.

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