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Can You Stop Aging? Erase Age With These Procedures

All of us want to look young and Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical explains some of the office based procedures that can combat the effects of aging on our appearance.

One of the most popular methods right now is to use combined therapy because, each procedure deals with a particular problem area of the body. Injectables like Botox or Restylane are the easiest procedures you can have done. Botox does a great job on wrinkles on your forehead and between your eyes as well as the crowfeet.

Within just a few minutes in the office, you can see a real difference. The best thing about this kind of procedure is that it is fairly inexpensive and requires no downtime.

Another procedure you can have done with little or no downtime is Thermage, which gives you great results on the neckline, jaw and around the eyes and it only takes an hour.

If you can afford a little bit more downtime, CO2 is a great option because it gives you further tightening, beyond what thermage can do.

Resurfacing lasers also do a great job with pigment changes and deep lip creases. If you have problems with loss of volume and sunken in cheeks and lips, you can get permanent results with fat transfer, which has become a standard procedure and it’s completely natural.

With those combined techniques, you can improve your appearance and look more youthful.

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