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Valentine's Gifts for Guys

After the Superbowl it's time to turn our thoughts to Valentine’s Day. What can you give that special guy to help him get back in shape after hanging out on the couch for so long? We really want him to look younger and liposuction can help. To improve a guy’s stomach and love handles the gold standard really is liposuction for shaping and flattening these areas. Another area that men are usually concerned about is the breast area. Liposuction is becoming the first line of defense in reducing the size of male breasts.

Many men are very reluctant to do liposuction under general anesthesia. They are more willing to do it under a local anesthesia where they are awake, can walk out after the procedure and feel more comfortable and in control. A typical procedure on the stomach and love handles using local anesthesia takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half, and most men can be back on the job in one to two days, unless they work at a very physical job. Some initial results may be seen in four to six weeks as the swelling goes down, but you will really see the final results in about six months as skin tightening happens.

So what are the non-surgical options available to us?

Thermogue is a process that can make a big difference on a man’s face where there is droopiness or a tired look. Thermogue is also used on men who have had a lot of sun exposure or who have a lot of wrinkled sink on the abdomen area to reduce the wrinkled look and tighten the skin.

Finally Liposonics, which uses ultrasound, is another procedure to reduce and reshape love handles and abdomen without surgery.

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