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Using Fat Transfer To Get The Shape You Want

Gone are the days when the excess fat you lose is just discarded. Now, it can be used to change the shape of your breasts or buttocks as you want. The procedure that makes this possible is Autologous Fat Transfer, also known as Fat Transfer.

In this video, Dr. Johnson talks about the uses of your own fat. Your fat is the perfect volume filler to sculpt or give shape to a part of your body. The modern techniques used to inject the fat inside your body also assure you of 90% fat survival. And since it is natural, there is no chance of an adverse reaction. As a matter of fact, breast augmentation via fat transfer is gaining a lot of popularity.

During the procedure, mini cc’s of fat are injected into the breast until the desired shape is attained. This method is important to ensure that the fat survives inside the body. In some techniques, fat is added to implants to improve the texture and feel.

Fat transfer is also widely used in breast reconstructions. The increasing number of fat transfer use just shows how viable it is. Aside from that, the Brazilian Butt Lift is another well-liked procedure even by celebrities. It also uses fat from your body, which unlike implants, feels natural and does not feel like you are sitting on a pillow. Facial fat transfer that is starting to become mainstream is worth mentioning too. It adds fullness to your face and makes you look younger.

You’ll be glad to know too that there are new innovations in fat cell survival. Dr. Johnson says that adding platelet-rich plasma to the fat before injections actually increases its survival. Another technique is stem cell enrichment. The stem cell, which is already present in the fat, is increased to improve the fat survival. This in turn also improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

Some of these procedures may not appeal to everyone though and that's why personal consultation is important. Innovations Medical will guide you and help you make the right choices.

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