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Are We Genetically Predisposed to Put Fat In Certain Locations?

So many of us feel like no matter how hard we try to get in shape, we always go right back to the shape where we started. We’ve talked about the abdomen and love handle areas. Are there any other areas on the body that tend to bounce back and are there any cosmetic procedures or techniques to help our shape to stop bouncing back?

According to Dr. Johnson of Innovations Medical, our bodies also store fat on women in both the inner and outer thigh areas which is very hard to get to permanently go away. Liposuction really is the gold standard way of improving these areas and permanently stopping that bounce back effect. Liposonix is another procedure which can be used to reduce the thighs and make them more shapely and fashionable.

What problem areas have you seen on men where it is very hard to keep the fat off the body without it bouncing back?

Men, in addition to the belly and love handle areas, often also are challenged with male breast. In some men, they are simply predisposed to put fat there. If your dad did it, you are probably going to do it too. No matter what you weigh, whether you are going to the gym or not, this area will tend to bounce back with fat. Liposuction is a really great way of changing that area and making it flat and much more aesthetically pleasing. After liposuction men will not experience that bounce back problem.

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