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How to Find a Quality Provider

How to Find a Quality Provider

We know you have many options when considering places to go for skin-rejuvenation and med-spa services. Many things factor in making your decision, such as location, price and the types of services offered. While these considerations play a part, there are other things you should think about when making your selection. Dr. Johnson and the staff at Innovations Medical are well trained and experienced and provide high-quality and safe skin-rejuvenation, anti-aging and med-spa treatments.

There are a few things you should look for when selecting med-spa procedures and skin-rejuvenation treatments. This include experience, education and safety measures.

Experience Matters
While low-cost services may be very appealing, if the service or procedure is performed by an inexperienced or unskilled provider, you may find yourself left with poor results that cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Using an inexperienced and unskilled provider can also put your health at risk. For example, if a dermal filler or endotoxin injection is injected into the wrong spot, not only will you develop a lump or bump that looks bad, but the filler can also block blood flow to the area. This can lead to tissue death and even tissue loss.

Education Matters, Too
Select a provider who is licensed to practice the procedure or service you are seeking. Ask for their credentials and check with the state to ensure they are licensed to perform the procedures they are advertising. While your neighborhood nail salon offers facials and other skin treatments, they might not know how to correctly apply skin products or chemicals, leaving your skin at risk for serious damage.

Licensed providers have knowledge of the products they are using and how to use them. They also know what to do if you have a negative reaction to a particular treatment.

Safety Says Something
A high-quality and professional practice such as Innovations Medical will emphasize safety in all of its procedures. Focusing on safety will protect patient health and ensure excellent results.

Part of safety also includes taking the time to talk to you about your procedure, how to prepare for it and what to expect after your treatment. This includes everything from cosmetic body-sculpting surgery to chemical peels.

Innovations Medical offers patients a consultation and takes the time during this meeting to make patients feel comfortable. Dr. Johnson and staff will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have before your procedure. If a provider cannot or will not take the time to answer your questions or explain their practices or protocols, you should search for a new provider.

Looking for high-quality and safe med-spa treatments, cosmetic surgery and skin-rejuvenation services? Look no further than Innovations Medical. Call us today at 214-643-8665 to schedule a consultation or learn more about our services.

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