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Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty Is the Best Policy

If you're thinking of undergoing a cosmetic procedure, you have probably already thought about what procedure you want, who is going to do it and how you hope to look afterward. But, there are several other considerations you must make so you can be sure you are both physically and mentally healthy for your procedure. Find out how to get ready with these tips from Innovations Medical.

Be Honest About Allergies. There is no benefit in holding back information about your health history, and this includes being upfront about your allergies. Let your physician know if you have had an adverse reaction to acrylates, silicones, rubber and latex. These ingredients may be found in dressings, adhesives and other components used in your procedure.

Keep Your BMI in Check. Some cosmetic procedures require you to be a healthy weight and BMI (body mass index). A good target BMI is 30 or less. Why is a lower BMI and healthy weight important? Being overweight can interfere with anesthesia and may cause complications for recovery. Note: Do not start a crash diet to get to your ideal weight before a cosmetic procedure. Instead, work to lose weight at a healthy pace and stabilize your weight loss at least six months before your procedure.

Quit Smoking. It is critical for your health and success of any cosmetic procedure that you quit smoking cigarettes (and e-cigarettes) at least three weeks before and after surgery, if not for good. The same applies to alcohol; we recommend quitting for at least three weeks before and after your procedure. Read more about why stopping can benefit you and cosmetic surgery here. - Link to this blog: Quitting Smoking Before Plastic Surgery May Mean Quitting for Good.

Report Medical Conditions. You know if you're living with a health condition, but your cosmetic physician may not. Things like high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma can cause complications if not controlled. Discussing your health openly before your procedure can help minimize risks and complications after your procedure.

Prepare Now for Later. Although most of our procedures are minimally invasive and do not require general anesthesia, you should still be realistic about recovery. Learn about what to expect after your procedure during your pre-procedure consultation. This will give you the opportunity to organize care for children or pets, prepare food/snacks and purchase any items you may need, or find a good series to binge-watch during your recovery time.

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