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Cosmetic Procedures May Boost Success and Confidence

Cosmetic Procedures May Boost Success and Confidence

People who have had a face-lift are perceived by others to be more successful and healthier than their peers who did not have a face-lift, according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins University.

How Does a Face-Lift Factor Into Success?
The study also shows that those who have had face-lift procedures may also get out of traffic tickets, have more favorable court decisions, be offered jobs and even be elected to political office at greater rates than those who have not had the procedure.

Researchers behind the study employed the help of 483 people to rate the appearance of 13 women before and after their face-lift procedure. Participants viewed photographs of the women online and rated the women on their appearance, age, health and perceived level of success.

The results of the study found that, on average, face-lift procedures made the women appear four years younger and 18 percent more attractive. Other results concluded that the women looked 16 percent healthier and seemed to be 10 percent more successful after their procedure.

The participants also felt that the women were more successful socially as a result of their face-lift procedure.

Face-Lifts Also Boost Self-Esteem
Not only do others see people who have had face-lifts differently, but face-lift patients also see themselves differently.

A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that the majority of individuals who have had a face-lift procedure reported improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

Face-lift patients also frequently report a higher quality of life and better relationships.

The boost in self-esteem after a cosmetic procedure is not surprising to Dr. Bill Johnson, MD. Johnson is a cosmetic physician who performs cosmetic facial and body procedures in Dallas, Texas.

"Many people who seek out cosmetic procedures have a flaw or perceived flaw that makes them self-conscious about their appearance," Johnson said.

Face-Lift and Fat
The face-lift procedure involves surgical incisions made at the neck, temple, ear and hairline that allow a plastic surgeon to lift, adjust and tighten skin. As a result of the face-lift procedure, wrinkles, creases and fine lines are smoothed, resulting in a more youthful appearance and tighter skin.

Face-lifts are popular in the U.S., with 131,106 face-lift surgeries performed in 2016, according to the ASPS.

But other facial procedures are also on the rise.

Facial fat transfers, which yield anti-aging effects similar to the face-lift procedure without the pain and long recovery of surgery, are increasing in popularity.

Statistics from the ASPS show that facial fat transfers were up 17 percent between 2015 and 2016. One reason these procedures are on the rise is that the recovery period is much shorter than surgery.

"Recovering from a face-lift procedure takes several weeks, while recovery from a facial fat transfer is only a few days," Johnson said.

Fat transfers are also very effective at reducing the signs of aging.

"Fat transfers are becoming increasingly popular because they can yield robust results on their own or in combination with other procedures," Johnson said.

Johnson performs facial fat transfers as a stand-alone procedure, but some physicians use the treatment in conjunction with a face-lift procedure. The ASPS reports that almost 30 percent of face-lifts performed in 2016 used fat.

"As we age, we lose fat volume in our face. Losing fat means our skin begins to sag, wrinkle and crease," Johnson said. "Although a face-lift can smooth out these wrinkles and creases, the skin ends up resting on thin tissue, which may cause the face to look skeletal and unnatural after the procedure."

A facial fat transfer replaces lost facial fat and plumps up the face.

"The result is a more natural and more youthful appearance," Johnson said.


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