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2018 Holiday Special

2018 Holiday Special

In this special time of the year, give them the body they've always wanted or the gift of stem cell treatment! This is why we'd love to invite you to a one-time-only holiday special that will be open to the first 10 patients.

The Holiday Special

Option 1: $2000 OFF ExtraComplete Abdomen Liposuction - Includes Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen, Lovehandles (Tickle Lipo & Smartlipo Skin Tightening)
90 Min
*10 Openings

Option 2: $2500 OFFComplete Abdomen + Fat Transfer - Includes Upper Abd, Lower Abd, Lovehandles Liposuction and Skin Tightening, with Fat Transfer To Buttocks or Breasts. Your Choice!
2.5 Hrs
*10 Openings

Option 3: $1000 Off Stem Cell TreatmentStem Cell Treatment - Includes SVF stem cell therapy for (COPD, Peripheral Neuropathy, Arthritis, Joint Pain, MS, Alzheimers, Auto Immune Disorders) 4 Hrs
*10 Openings

Alternative Option: $1000 OFFStem Cell Treatment SPINAL - Back Injuries, Stroke
5 Hrs
*2 Openings

Remember, this offer is reserved for the first 10 scheduled patients for each option. You won't want to miss it.

Email us now!or call: 214-692-2922

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