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Fat Transfer - Bigger Breasts, Bigger Butt, And Look Younger

No matter how disciplined we are at working out and controlling the food we eat, the body we want can seem to be just out of our reach. With the coming summer season, the struggle to be in shape feels even stronger. Luckily there are now many safe cosmetic procedures that you can undergo to feel confident about yourself without a lot of effort.

In this video, Dr. Johnson talks about fat transfer - a revolutionary procedure for people who want to remove fat from one area they don’t like and putting it into an area they want to enhance. According to Dr. J, fat transfer is similar to how a dumbbell works. You basically take the weight from one side and put into another. This makes a difference in how it looks and works.

The usual area where fat is harvested from is the excess fat on the waistline sides or the love handles. This is beneficial, because it compliments the buttocks area in any angle. The fat can also be taken from the arm and thigh areas. Originally fat transfer started on the face. The procedure addresses the fat loss that you can normally see on aging individuals. The harvested fat is injected into specific parts of the face in order to make you look like a younger version of yourself. It is a better substitute to face lifts and fillers.

Another area where harvested fat is put is the buttocks. Before fat transfer procedures were available, there were a lot of complaints about silicone implants. Some described the sensation like sitting on a pillow. Now those issues are gone with fat transfer because fat is natural and feels just like a part of your body. Fat is also a good alternative to breast implants, because it feels and looks normal. There's no hardness and it will not change its shape overtime. For women who have lost breast shape due to childbirth or weight loss, this is a great procedure to undergo.

During these procedures, about 70% of the fat survives, which is a good number. However, Innovations Medical now uses PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma, which comes from blood. PRP is added into the fat in order to increase the survival rate to 95%.

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