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Considering a Brazilian Butt-Lift? Read On

Considering a Brazilian Butt-Lift? Read On

Does your butt make you self-conscious? Do you struggle with how you look in jeans or other clothing because you feel as if your butt is droopy, flat or just not as round as you would like? If you are struggling with how your butt looks and squats aren't helping, it may be time to call Innovations Medical and find out if you are a good candidate for a Brazilian butt-lift.

What Is the Brazilian Butt-lift?
The Brazilian butt-lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the buttocks using fat transferred from another body area. The Brazilian butt-lift is one of the most popular cosmetic body-sculpting procedures in the United States.

What Makes a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt-Lift?
Ideal candidates for the butt-lift procedure:

- Are looking to enhance the size of their buttocks and want a shapelier backside, but exercises like squats and stairclimbing aren't working.
- Have buttocks that are drooping or flat because of genetics, aging, weight loss or changes in the body brought by hormonal fluctuations.
- Are in good health, maintain a healthy weight and have no or well-managed health conditions.
- Are non-smoking or will adhere to directives to stop smoking before and after the procedure to reduce the risk of complications and maximize results.
- Have excess fat in another body area such as the thighs, love handle area or the abdomen to transfer to the buttocks. During the Brazilian butt-lift procedure, Dr. Johnson will take fat from one of these body areas through liposuction and then inject it into the buttocks to increase volume.

While these are the most fundamental factors that make one a good candidate for the Brazilian butt-lift procedure, each patient seeking the procedure should expect to meet with Dr. Johnson for a consultation to confirm whether the procedure is right for them.

Find out if you're a good candidate for a Brazilian butt-lift by scheduling an appointment at Innovations Medical today. Call us at 214-643-8665.

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