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Brazilian Butt Lift LIVE on TV in Dallas

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and wished you could transfer some of the unwanted fat to other areas of your body? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help.

He is doing a procedure called precision fat transfer on a patient, Nancy. She already had her love handles done and now Dr. Johnson will take that fat and inject it to enhance her buttocks. That fat is injected by a special machine, using back and forth movements to place very thin lines of fat because that increases the survival of the fat.

One of the best things about fat transfer is that your own fat is being used and there is no chance of rejection or having a reaction and it looks and feels natural. Other great things about fat transfer are that there is less manipulation of the fat, the separation and injection process is much faster. Before, fat transfer was done by putting fat in syringes and then injecting it into the body which affected the survival of the fat.

Nancy is awake during the process and feels no pain during the procedure, just slight pinching. Her goal is to have a Brazilian butt and make herself feel good about her body and be more confident. Nancy can expect great results from this procedure because about 70% of the fat survives which going to result in a nice enhancement and a great shape.

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