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Battle Eye Wrinkles With These Procedures

Battle Eye Wrinkles With These Procedures

Wrinkles around the eyes are usually one of the earliest indicators that the aging process has begun. The development of these frustrating fine lines is also a result of smoking, prolonged sun exposure, genetics and other lifestyle factors. Whatever the cause, these tiny wrinkles and fine lines can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance and make you look older. You may be tempted to temporarily cover them with makeup or over-the-counter eye creams. But if you’re tired of temporary fixes, you can find more permanent solutions for eye wrinkles at Innovations Medical.

Botox. Botox is one of the best ways to treat wrinkles around the eyes because it weakens the muscles of the face that contribute to the development of wrinkles from moving. Weakening the muscles helps to make the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes disappear. Many people see the results of their Botox procedure very quickly. Botox lasts between three and six months for most people.

Fraxel Laser. Fraxel laser therapy is also an excellent option to erase lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Fraxel laser works by stimulating new skin growth. The new skin pushes out old skin and accelerates the production of collagen. This increased production of collagen has a skin tightening effect which smooths out wrinkles. Fraxel laser therapy has little to no downtime and is perfect for targeting specific areas of the face and body. Results of Fraxel laser therapy last about two to four years.

Facial Fat Transfer. Another option offered at Innovations Medical is facial fat transfer. Fat transfers to the face are an excellent option for individuals looking for long-term results but want a minimally invasive treatment. For a facial fat transfer, Dr. Johnson removes fat from another part of your body with liposuction and replaces it in your face in areas that have lost volume – like around your eyes – as a consequence of aging. The results of facial fat transfer are seen relatively quickly and are permanent.

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