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Why Men and Women Get Cosmetic Procedures

These days, both men and women are choosing to manage aging using cosmetic procedures. In this radio interview, Dr. Bill Johnson shares a variety of reasons why men and women get cosmetic work done.

FEMALE HOST: So, everybody was talking about Renee Zellweger the other day. She came out in public and people went, “That’s who?”

MALE HOST: “Is that Renee Zellweger?”

FEMALE HOST: Right. She looks very, very different. So, she’s a 45-year-old actress and there have been a lot of questions. What does “aging gracefully” exactly look like these days?

Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bill Johnson, from Innovations Medical is joining us on the Cogo News Live line.

Dr. Johnson, the number of cosmetic procedures has jumped between 2000 and 2013 144 percent. Why?

DR. BILL: Well, I think we have some expendable income, and folks like to spend something on themselves and it’s a very intimate way to spend it on yourselves, but I think it also reflects that the techniques and technology have improved to a point that many of the cosmetic procedures can be done in the office, under local anesthesia. They don’t require long hospitalizations and, most of the time, don’t require any hospitalization.

MALE HOST: Doctor, have you seen the pictures of Renee Zellweger?

DR. BILL: I have.

MALE HOST: To you, in your opinion – and I’m assuming you have not treated her – does she look like someone who has had some work done?

DR. BILL: Yeah, I believe she’s probably had some work done. You know, she was famous for a couple of things. She was famous for her round face and for her kind of squinty, cute eyes.


DR. BILL: And both of those now have changed. She no longer has a round face; it’s a thinner, leaner shape to her face. And she has perky, open eyes more so than she was famous for.

MALE HOST: Well, what’s interesting is that she’s either not commenting or saying, “Well, I’m just aging.”

FEMALE HOST: “I’m relaxed.”

MALE HOST: “I’m relaxed.” Why don’t people want to admit – I mean, especially these days when there’s really no stigma attached to this anymore – why do people still not want to say, “Yeah, I had a little work done”?

DR. BILL: You know, I’ve never quite figured that one out completely. I think some of it is still reluctance. They want you to think that they look that way naturally. And, especially today when we value that word of things being “natural” or “organic” if that makes something like this artificial or synthetic, and those are bad terms in our society.

FEMALE HOST: Dr. Bill Johnson from Innovations Medical is with us on the Cogo News Live line. Let’s talk about men because I know quite a few men who have had a little bit of work done as well and, for the most part, the people that I’ve seen – both men and women – they get kind of the minimum necessary just to look not necessarily younger but more awake.

MALE HOST: Refreshed.

FEMALE HOST: OR refreshed or “relaxed” I guess is another word we could use for that.

DR. BILL: Well, we do a lot of men that are professionals. I’ve had a number of men in their 40s and 50s say, “Hey, look, you know, I’m in a job market competing with 30-year-olds. I have to look vibrant enough, energetic enough to be competitive.” And so, I think that’s very real. And then, we do a lot of male body work like male breast and male liposuction on the abdomen, and a lot of those men are just looking to look fit or look better in their shirts.

MALE HOST: Now, here’s the question, especially here in Southern California, girls are getting breast lifts and augmentations for graduation presents from high school. Cosmetic surgeons are seeing more patients in their 20s for Botox. Is that too soon? Is there such a thing as being too young?

DR. BILL: Well, there is such a thing as being too young for certain procedures because, until we’re in our late teens or early 20s, we’ve not yet obtained our adult body shape or our adult facial shape. And so, if you make changes on an early teen, those may have been the wrong changes when that person is an adult. So, you have to be very cautious in mid and young teens. Older teens and folks in their 20s, you are dealing with adult body patterns and adult facial patterns so you’re not quite such a muddy water, so to speak.

Where Botox is concerned, it has been shown to help prevent wrinkles so, by the late 20s, you can make an argument for that.

HOST: All right, Dr. Bill Johnson, thank you so much for your time. We really do appreciate it.

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