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Is Your Muffin Top Keeping You Out Of Your Favorite Jeans

Looking good in low cut jeans can be tough, especially if the fat on your sides and back bulges on your waistband. This is the dreaded muffin top that keeps us from looking sexy in our jeans. Dr. Johnson of Innovations Medical explains that liposuction is the best solution for this body issue. The procedure is very safe and can be done in the office. You can go home the same day and there is very little downtime as well.

For excess or sagging skin, thermage is the go-to procedure. It is a non-invasive procedure that will not only tighten your skin, it will renew the collagen in your body as well. This will result in further tightening months after the procedure has been performed.The technology uses radio frequency in order to safely heat your skin’s dermis and is very safe. As for saddlebags, the fat on the side of your hips and glutes, liposuction would also be the right solution according to Dr. Johnson. Once that fat is removed, you can easily slide in your jeans and look fitter than ever.

For women who have issues with flat and droopy buttocks, thermage and suture lift can do wonders. The latter uses special threads to give the bottom a rounder and more youthful shape. But for those who want to put in more volume, a fat transfer would be beneficial. As explained by Dr. Johnson, the fat removed from your muffin top or saddlebags can be injected into the buttocks. About 50-70% of fat will survive by itself, but with recent innovations where platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is added, fat shows a lot of promise. PRP harvested from your blood is processed and added to the fat. This additional step guarantees an additional 30% increase in fat survival.

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