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How can I Make My Abdomen and Love Handles Flatter?

So many of us feel like no matter how hard we try to get in shape, we always go right back to the shape where we started. Are there any cosmetic procedures or techniques to help our shape to stop bouncing back?

According to Dr. Johnson of Innovations Medical, our bodies bounce back out of shape because they have been designed that way. We are genetically predisposed to put fat in certain locations, and there is nothing you can do about that naturally, but technology can help.

What common areas typically have a bounce-back problem?

The most common area, on both men and women, is the central abdomen and love handles. Often men call ‘love handles’ a ‘beer-belly’, and women call ‘love handles’ a ‘baby-belly’ but it’s all the same, it’s where we are born to put fat. Liposuction will make the abdomen or love handles much flatter. It does so by permanently eliminating cells. They are literally sucked out of the body so they can’t bounce back because they are not there anymore.

There is also another alternative for folks that don’t want to do surgery. Liposonix is a wonderful advancement which uses sound waves to permanently destroy fat cells. Once we remove fat cells from the central abdomen and love handle areas, your body must put fat in other areas because the cells are simply no longer there.

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